Would you benefit from seeing an Escorts?

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Hi, this is Veronica Love and today I would like to talk to you about why men see escorts. There are many reasons. Probably the most common is actually loneliness. You know we all get lonely. I get lonely. There’s nothing wrong with you if you get lonely. You’re not weak if you get lonely. It simply means that you’re not bulletproof and that you are a human being. It’s nice sometimes to remember that we’re actually human and we can actually feel because that’s often where the juice of life is. I’ve seen a lot of people after a breakup, people who have been married for a long time and their marriage has broken up and they are adjusting to being single again, and just really craving and missing that companionship. I’ve seen a lot of people in a place of pain who are feeling a lot and just don’t want to be feeling these things by themselves, and I think that’s a really beautiful thing to reach out to someone when you’re feeling that way.

I had a colleague once go to visit a client who was almost suicidal. This became quite evident throughout her conversation with this man. They ended up calling Lifeline together, and I think he was picked up by an ambulance. That was quite an extreme … because he was going to self-harm, so he had basically self-admitted into a hospital. That’s a very extreme scenario, but these things happen. There are much milder cases of loneliness. I see a lot of loneliness in my experience. Very, very successful, super capable men who I have extreme admiration for in what they achieve in their lives, and yet they’re not immune to loneliness. That’s one reason why they might see an escort.

Another reason I find people see escorts is for fun and entertainment, and that’s also a very valid reason. The corporate and the business world can be pretty dry and can be quite high-pressure, and you need to let your hair down. You need to have a bit of a party every now and then, and that’s pretty awesome too. That’s another reason. Here, I also find people apologize for that. They say to me, “Oh, you know, I can definitely pick up a chick.” To that I say I have absolutely no doubt that you can attract a very beautiful woman into your life and that you don’t need to call on an escort to have company. However, sometimes it’s just convenient. It’s convenient and it’s more honest. It’s a more honest process. Instead of having to woo and charm and perhaps manipulate and lie about your intentions, it’s a very clear transaction between an escort and a client. There’s a great honesty in that and it takes away the complication and the drama.

It’s convenient, yeah. Sometimes I say to people, I’ve seen some extremely sexy, good-looking men who have used escorts. Sometimes you want takeaway. You don’t want to have to go shopping and procure all the different ingredients and find the recipe and make the food yourself. Sometimes you just want home delivery. It can just simply be about convenience and about simplicity and transparency. I see both single men and married men and attached men. I don’t condone infidelity or lying to people you love. At the same time, I know that life is complicated. Life is complex. It’s complicated. We have needs, needs that can’t always be fulfilled at home. I’m really passionate about relationships, and so I definitely, in my role as an escort, I like to work with people who really care about their relationships and maybe want to find ways to find that love and that intimacy and that passion back in your relationships. I might do a separate blog on that, actually.

What other reasons? Why else do people come and see escorts? Sometimes men come to lose their virginity. It’s kind of cool for me. It’s a real privilege to be a part of this rite of passage. What are some other reasons? So many reasons, so many reasons. Maybe to experience a different type of woman that’s normally attracted to you. I mean, that’s certainly a valid reason. I would like to add to these reasons, a reason to see me specifically. That is because I am a tantric escort and sex coach and educator, and I’m very interested in your inner world. I’m training to be a psychologist and therapist. Everyone gets a little bit scared when I tell them that, which I find funny. People say, “Can you read my thoughts?” No, I can’t. They ask me to tell them all about them in two minutes from meeting them. I’m not that highly trained, but anyway, back on topic.

Yeah, I’m really passionate about helping people have deep and meaningful and expansive and truly exciting sexual experiences that empower them and bring out the best in themselves, bring out the best in their sexual partners, and also something that just flows into your life and makes your life a little bit richer. I believe this is truly possible through the exploration of tantric sexuality. I’m very passionate. It’s something I’m very passionate about. Education is a very valid reason to see me, basically, or perhaps another tantric escort or a tantric practitioner. There’s a few, particularly here in Melbourne. I had thought of another reason why people see escorts, which is actually … Thought it was really valid and important to share with you.

Anyway, it’s gone. Couples come and see escorts to spice up their love lives in a safe, contained way, where they can tell the lady to bugger off. That’s another reason. You can tell someone to go away when you need to be on your own and they won’t take it personally. They won’t take it personally if you want to experiment, if you want to have two women at a time, or if you want to explore a particular fantasy. You have a playmate to explore with. That’s another fantastic reason to see an escort and why people see escorts, to explore different aspects of sexuality that perhaps another sexual partner might not be so open to. Okay, that’s it. I’m going to leave this video there. Veronica Love, over and out.

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